The beginning

In 1996, Robert Hanson,’s founder and current president, started up a sole proprietorship. His small company specialized in the installation of coating systems, and his main focus was on small residential contracts that included the coating of garage floors, walkways, driveways, patios and more.

Mr. Hanson soon realized that Arizona’s hot, dry climate had an unexpected effect on concrete coatings: they cure very quickly and tend to be soft and porous, so many of the products used in standard coating systems simply wouldn’t work in Arizona.

This revelation revolutionized Mr. Hanson’s approach to coating systems. He embarked on a journey of research and development (R&D), which eventually led to the creation, and perfection, of a combination of coating materials and installation processes that would both resolve Arizona’s unique climatic challenges and turn soft, drab concrete into durable yet elegant flooring.

The first series Mr. Hanson developed, two- to three-component, industrial polymer coating systems and installation processes, gave simply incredible results: durable yet beautiful coating systems that would work not only in Arizona, but in all kinds of conditions, across North America.

GFC is born

Mr. Hanson’s revolutionary new coating systems and processes formed the foundation of his new company, (GFC), in 1999, and he soon began adding commercial and industrial contracts to his ever-expanding residential roster. Soon, GFC began offering a wide selection of systems, colors and pricing options to its customers, “media systems,” for installation in garages, basements, patios, walkways, warehouses, and any retail or commercial space.

The market leader

GFC is now an industry leader in concrete coatings across North America. Our unique, proprietary sealing and concrete staining system, Eco-CorFlex Clear Hydro Poly Moisture Mitigation Industrial Coating, is the industry’s premier coating product. Hydro Poly is a three-component, UV-stable, chemical-resistant industrial coating that acts like a sealer but requires a one-time application only. It is used to coat exposed aggregate, concrete, flagstone, paver stone, wood of all types, decorative or stamped concrete, painted surfaces, asphalt and even previously coated surfaces.