Basements & Patios

We offer a full range of concrete coating options for residential basement & patio applications, including our full chip multi-layer platinum system, our semi transparent water based stains, and our 2-3 coat epoxy finishes in a variety of colors and sheens. the duration of install will vary depending on the coating system chosen.

The high quality coatings that we install typically have very quick drying times which allow for homeowners to get back on the floor in short order.

We understand that patio coating can add additional slickness to the floor when wet. we take this into careful consideration and use additional aggregate to minimize the slick fact0r.

​We provide a 5-year warranty on all of our residential basement and patio installations

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Our professional concrete floor coating system in the basement or on the exterior patio will provide many benefits to the homeowner including:

Overall appeal, presentation, and value add

Durability and longevity

Protection from moisture vapors and mildew smell

Ease of cleaning (vs carpet)

Eliminates concrete dust from being tracked thru house

Hides cracks and imperfections

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