Basements & Patio Floor Coatings

We offer a full range of concrete coating options for residential basement & patio concrete floors, including our full chip multi-layer platinum system, our semi-transparent water-based stains, our unique metallic floor coatings, and our 2-3 coat epoxy finishes in a variety of colors and sheens. The duration of install will vary depending on the coating system chosen.

The high quality coatings that we install typically have very quick drying times which allow for homeowners to get back on the floor in short order.

We understand that patio coating can add additional slickness to the floor when wet. we take this into careful consideration and use additional anti-skid aggregate to minimize the slick factor.

​We provide a 5-year warranty on all of our residential basement and patio installations

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Unique Finishes


More often than not, homeowners are not aware that a durable concrete floor coating is a great option for their basement or patio floor. Our epoxy-based floor coating system is long lasting, cost efficient, and unique. Choose the experts at Garage Floor Coating of Atlanta, the guys you can trust.

Proudly serving the greater Atlanta area, including Canton, Alpharetta, Roswell, Cumming, Marietta, and Woodstock.


Why invest in Patio Flooring?

Who doesn’t love a beautiful evening our on the patio, and what better to pair a lovely evening outside than an aesthetically pleasing and relaxing space to do so?

Our epoxy-based floor coatings are not only beautiful, but they also prevent damage to your concrete patio over time. Whether you are experiencing stubborn staining, cracking, or issues derived from soft concrete, our flooring contractors have you covered.



Why invest in Basement Flooring?

Tired of that 20-year-old carpet in your basement? Or better yet, the basement that is unfinished and you just don’t know where to begin? Lean on Garage Floor Coating of Atlanta’s 13+ years’ experience in flooring. We understand that our concrete floor coatings are often looked over when designing a basement, however, our 5-layer floor coating systems are durable, easy to clean, and unique. Basements are often subject to water leaks and flooding, it’s time to consider floor coating that can withstand these harsh conditions. Our basement flooring seals the concrete from vapors and is very easy to clean, they do not trap dirt and odors like carpet, no mold growing under pad. Epoxy-based floor coatings can be complemented with a variety of colors.

Our floor coating systems are great for pets, as it creates a cooler surface. They are also a great option for offices and fitness rooms, workshops, crafts, game rooms, bars, and kids’ play rooms.



Our professional epoxy-based concrete floor coating system in the basement or on the exterior patio will provide many benefits to the homeowner including:

– Overall appeal, presentation, and value add

– Durability and longevity

– Protection from moisture vapors and mildew smell

– Ease of cleaning (vs carpet)

– Eliminates concrete dust from being tracked thru house

– Hides cracks and imperfections

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