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For fluid applied industrial floor applications, Garage Floor Coating of Atlanta installs only the highest quality polymers available on the market, with expert preparation of the concrete substrate prior to install. Commercial floors are often subject to higher levels of wear and tear by heavy equipment and personnel, thus requiring durable, scratch resistant coatings in sufficient millages. Garage Floor Coating of Atlanta has extensive experience recommending and installing moisture vapor barrier Epoxies, Polyaspartics, and Urethanes.

​Various coating options are available for consideration in commercial applications including 2-3 coat epoxy finishes in a variety of colors and sheens. We also install our full chip multi layer platinum systems in offices, common areas, retail stores, fire stations, churches, etc.!

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Our many commercial projects include industrial warehouses, car dealerships, restaurants, office spaces, fire stations, doggie daycare facilities, car washes, and many more. We recognize the importance of adherence to a tight schedule thus allowing for minimum downtime.

Our fleet of propane grinders, industrial vacuums, and fully equipped box trucks provide ample horsepower to take on many different commercial projects.

GFC of Atlanta maintains comprehensive insurance coverages including Workers Compensation, Auto & General Liability policies.

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