July 8, 2022

Why EPOXY Primer and POLYASPARTIC Clear Coats are the Perfect Combination

The topic of Epoxy vs. Polyaspartic products seems to be getting a lot of press lately as it relates to professionally installed floor coatings. And that has led to much confusion among residential homeowners when it comes to comparing and contrasting competitor quotes. Over the past 12 years in Atlanta, many of our customers were completely thrown off by the confusing jargon and twisting of information.

The bottom line is that Commercial grade Epoxy and Polyaspartic products are perfect for beautiful, resilient, and long-lasting garage flooring. Both products have unique characteristics that make them ideal for the correct application. And here’s why:

Commercial Grade Epoxy (100% solids) is ideal to be used as the base or primer coat for professional coating applications. When installed to the correct specifications, Epoxy is very thick and provides for maximum penetration into the pores of the concrete creating a superior bonding strength. Epoxy is also superior to other products when it comes to moisture mitigation (i.e. better adhesion). Very often, during the estimate, we will find excessive moisture in the concrete slab. Epoxy has a much higher tolerance to moisture vapor than Polyaspartic products. Finally, Epoxy has a slower cure time thus allowing the product more time to level out and settle into the open pores. This is in contrast to a Polyaspartic which has a “flash” cure allowing the installer to finish the job in mere hours.

Commercial Grade Polyaspartic coatings (85-90% solids) are the “go-to” products when it comes to clear coats, particularly in garage and exterior applications. With extreme chemical resistance, scratch resistance, and high UV stability, Polyaspartic coatings will provide spectacular finishes that are easy to maintain and hard to destroy. There are a vast array of Polyaspartic coatings there, and ours is second to none. Finally, polyaspartic coatings are installed at a much thinner build ratio when compared to Epoxy, thus allowing for a quicker “flash” cure. This allows the homeowner to get back on the floor quickly.

For these reasons, Garage Floor Coating of Atlanta chooses to use Epoxy and Polyaspartic products in the perfect combination for your garage floor!

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